Sport Vessel License (Application For Guided Sport Fishing Vessels) - Alaska Commercial Fisheries Entry Comission - 2001


File No.
2001 Sport Vessel License
8800 Glacier Highway, #109, Juneau, AK 99801
(907) 789-6150
(Application for Guided Sport Fishing Vessels)
Instructions : Vessels used for guided sport fishing activities in Alaska must be licensed by completing this form. If vessel is also used for commercial
fishing a 2001 Commercial Vessel License application must also be submitted, but only one fee is required for each vessel. Fee categories based on overall
length are shown below. The owner or authorized agent must sign the certification in Part C. If not sure of the vessel's ADF&G number, or if it has ever been
assigned one, please complete Part D on the back of this page. Please provide the USCG documentation or registration number, and hull identifi-
cation number. If sufficient information to properly identify the vessel is not provided issuance of the license will be delayed. See the back
of this page for information.
Fee Categories:
A - $20
B - $50
C - $100
D - $250
E - $500
F - $750
(overall length)
25' and under
over 25' - 50'
over 50' - 75'
over 75' - 150'
over 150' - 250'
over 250'
Part A: Legal Owner of Vessel - Name and Address
Name of Legal Owner of Vessel
Temporary Mailing Address for this license (if different)
Permanent Mailing Address - Street or P.O. Box
Street or Box
Social Security Number (or Bus license #, if company-owned)
Contact Person (if company-owned)
Telephone (if unlisted, check here ___)
(If not sure of vessel's ADF&G number, or if it has ever had one, complete Part D on the other side of
Part B: Vessel Information
this form)
20) Areas of Operation - Circle ONLY the specific areas in which this
1) Vessel Built In USA?
Yes________ No_________
vessel will be used for sport fish charter during 2001:
*(If no, see notice on back of this page)
(Fresh & Saltwater)
(Saltwater Only)
2) ADF&G Number (if known) _____________________________
1. Ketchikan area
9. Pr Wm Sd / Copper 29. Kuskokwim River
2. Prince of Wales Is.
River Flats
30. Seward Peninsula /
3) Vessel Name _________________________________________
3. Kake / Petersburg / 10. North Gulf Coast
Norton Sound
Wrangell areas
11. Lower Cook Inlet
31. Northwest Alaska
4) U.S. Coast Guard Doc. or Reg. Number _____________________
4. Sitka area
12. Upper Cook Inlet
32. Yukon River area
5. Juneau area
13. Kodiak Archipelago33. North Slope /
5) Year Built __________
6) Overall Length _______________
6. Haines/Skagway
14. AK Peninsula/
Brooks Range area
7. Glacier Bay area
Aleutian Islands /
7) Vessel Make/Model _____________________________________
8. Yakutat
Bristol Bay
8) Gross Tonnage ______________
9) Net Tonnage __________
Southcentral (Freshwater Only)
15. Pr Wm Sd / Copper River Flats
22.West Cook Inlet Drainages
10) Homeport (city/state) __________________________________
16.Upper Copper / Upper Susitna
23.Alaska Peninsula / Aleutian
17.North Kenai Pen. Drainages
24.Eastern Southwest Alaska
11) Engine Type: (circle one)
G - gas
D - diesel
18.South Kenai Pen. Drainages
25.Central Southwest Alaska
12) Horsepower ____
13) Estimated Vessel Value $
19.Anchorage Area Drainages
26.Western Southwest Alaska
(as presently equipped)
20.Knik Arm Drainages
27.Kodiak Island Archipelago
21.Susitna River Drainages
28 Tanana River Area
14) Hull Construction:
(circle one)
A - aluminum
F - fiberglas/plastic
W - wood
21) Primary Alaskan Port of guided sport fish activity? _____________
K - concrete
S - iron / steel alloy
R - rubber
15) Hull Identification Number _______________________________
22) Business Owner - Name, address and Business License No. of
(12 alpha-numeric characters on lower right outboard side of transom above water line)
Sport Fishing Services Provider operating vessel: Bus. Lic.# ________
16) Hold Capacity ________
Live Tank Capacity ____________
Business Name _____________________________________________
cu. ft.
cu. ft.
Bus. Owner's Name _________________________________________
17) Fuel Capacity __________
Address (in season) _________________________________________
18) Refrigeration:
(circle one)
19) Freezing Capability on Vessel:
(circle one)
(City, state, zip)
(Contact Phone)
Part C: Certification
I certify under penalty of perjury I am the vessel owner or agent authorized to license the vessel, that I
have reviewed all information on this form and it is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
Printed Name
Complete all information, sign form, enclose correct fee and submit with a copy of USCG reg. or doc. certificate.
Form 01CMVLFwww (rev12/2000)cm


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