Form El101b Draft - Maryland Income Tax Declaration For Business Electronic Filing - 2011 Page 2


Form EL101B Instructions
Page 2
Name, Address, Federal Employer Identification
Part III – Declaration of Electronic Return Originator
(paid preparer)
Print or type the information in the spaces provided. The
The originator must sign this form. Enter your electronic
name, address and federal employer identification number
filer identification number (EFIN) and firm name and
must match the information as transmitted. Do not use
address. Do not mail this form to the Revenue
the originator’s address.
Administration Division. This form must be retained for
three years at the site of the electronic return originator.
Part I – Tax Return Information
Enter the amount as entered on the corresponding fields
on Form 500 or 510.
If there is a refund due, you may choose direct deposit or
a paper check. Pass-through entities (including S
corporations) generally cannot receive a refund and
should not complete lines 1 and 2. If there is an amount
due, payment may be made by electronic funds withdrawal
(direct debit). Payment may also be made by check or
money order. See Form EL102B.
Part II – Declaration of Corporate Officer
If you have elected to have direct deposit of the refund, or
electronic funds withdrawal (direct debit) for the balance
due, check the appropriate box and complete lines 4a
through 4e.
If you are using a paid preparer, an electronically
transmitted income tax return will be considered incomplete
Draft 9/16/2011
unless and until a correctly completed Form EL101B is
signed by the corporate officer, general partner or
managing member. The completed EL101B must be
signed before the electronic record is transmitted.
If the originator makes changes to the electronic return
after Form EL101B has been signed, but before the return
is transmitted, the originator must have the corporate
officer, general partner or managing member sign a
corrected Form EL101B. See the E-file handbook for
transmitters and Electronic Return Originators who file
Maryland business tax returns electronically.
Complete Form EL101B including signature(s) and retain
the Form EL101B with any applicable attachments for a
period of three years along with your filing records. You
will need to make Form EL101B available to the Maryland
Revenue Administration Division only if formally requested
to do so. Do not mail Form EL101B unless specifically
requested to do so.
For the hearing impaired: Maryland Relay Service 711


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