Application For A Certificate Of Registration (Cr) And A License To Sell (Ls) - Cebu City

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Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board
Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board
Central Visayas Field Office
Expanded National Capital Region Field Office
Rm 608, 6th Flr, Club Ultima Tower,
Floor, Sunnymede IT Center,
Fuente Osmeña Avenue, Cebu City
1614 Quezon Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City
RE: ____________________________
(Name of Project and its Location
as indicated in the submitted Sworn Registration Statement)
The Regional Officer
Pursuant to pertinent laws and the implementing rules and regulations of this Board, I am hereby
above-mentioned project.
Please consider the attached documents listed below with check or cross (“/” or “X”) consistent with
the list or requirements stated in the Implementing Rules and Regulations of PD 957 and numbered
consecutively to support the application for CR/LS:
[ ] Sworn Registration Statement [
PRLD.0002-A.02 or PRLD.0002-B.02
[ ] Certified True Copy of Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT) or Original Certificate of Title (OCT) duly
stamped with original marking “CERTIFIED TRUE COPY” by the proper Register of Deeds and
bearing its seal or security marker.
[ ] Duly audited balance sheet
[ ] Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws, and latest annual corporate report to SEC
[ ] A copy of any circular, prospectus, brochure, advertisement, or communication used/to be used
for public offering of subject project and for circulation upon approval by this Board.
[ ] Sample copy of Contract to Sell
[ ] Certified true copy of Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC)/Certified of Non-Coverage
[ ] Certified True Copy of DAR Conversion Order/Exemption Clearance
[ ] Certification from MERALCO/Local Franchise Holder
[ ] Permit to operate a deepwell/water potability test results/Certification from Local Water District
[ ] Project Study (to include tabulation of areas)
[ ] Program of development (bar chart with S-curve, Gantt Chart/PERT-CPM, etc.) signed and sealed
by licensed engineer or architect indicating work activities, duration and costing.
[ ] Affidavit to change project name [
[ ] Duly accomplished and notarized fact sheet [
PRLD.0006-A.02 or PRLD.0006-B.02
[ ] PHILVOCS Certification
[ ] Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) Certification (if applicable)
For Condominium Projects:
[ ] Master Deeds with Declaration of Registration and Declaration of Restrictions evidences by the
proper annotation thereof in the title(s) of the property and the certified true copy of such title(s)
from the Register of Deeds
[ ] Building Permit
[ ] Affidavit of Undertaking to submit Condominium Certificate of Title [
For Subdivision Projects:
[ ] Verified Survey Returns (two copies)
[ ] Sangguniang Resolution/Ordinance granting of Development Permit/Subdivision Development


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