Form As 2645.1 - Application For Tax Exemption Under Section 1101.01 Of The Internal Revenue Code For A New Puerto Rico


Form AS 2645.1
Government of Puerto Rico
Department of the Treasury
Rev. Oct 26 11
Tax Assistance and Specialized Consulting Bureau
Application for Tax Exemption under Section
1101.01 of the Internal Revenue Code for a New Puerto Rico
You must submit a payment of $300 or $400 with this application. If the information and documents required are not
submitted with the payment, the application will not be processed.
Part I - General Information
Complete name of the organization (as registered in the official document that creates it)
Employer Identification Number
Physical Address (Urbanization or Condominium, Number,
Postal Address (PO Box, City, Country, Zip Code)
Street, City, Country, Zip Code)
Name, postal address and telephone number of the person to contact if additional information is needed (Submit copy of the
Power and Declaration of Representation, Form AS 2745-A)
Accounting Period
Date incorporated
Date operations began
Registration Number
or organized
Indicate character of organization (i.e. charitable, educative, business leagues, civic leagues, social club, etc.)
Has the organization previously requested an exemption under this section or under any other section of the
Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Code of 1994, as amended, or the Puerto Rico Income Tax Act of 1954, as
amended? If the answer is yes, explain:
Does the organization enjoy tax exemption under the Federal Internal Revenue Code? ...................................
If the answer is yes, include a copy of such opinion.
Have you filed an income tax return or the Informative Return for Income Tax Exempt Organizations? ..............
Indicate the years __________________________________________________________________________
Indicate in the corresponding check box the type of organization and include the required documents.
Certificate of Incorporation (including amendments), Registration Certificate and
Good Standing Certificate issued by the State Department (if incorporated more
than 2 years ago), corporate by-laws and the Merchant's Registration Certificate.
If it is not registered under the Puerto Rico General Corporation Law:
Notarized Deed of Constitution.
Articles of Association, Constitution or legal document by which the organization
was created and the by-laws.
Retention: Fifty (50) years.


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