Men'S Shoe Size Guide


Men’s shoe size guide
Use the guide to help measure your shoe size to have fitting
footwear that helps you get Ready for the Workday
Wearing socks, stand and place the inside of your right foot to the
left edge of the chart
Place the heel of your right foot to the bottom edge of the chart
Read chart from standing directly above the foot
For length, measure from the end of the big toe
° If the tip of your toe is in a shaded area, order the half size
For width, measure from the widest part of your foot
Reference the size of the shoe you're currently
wearing first
Use this guide as a reference to double check
Be sure to try on a sample of the new shoe to
ensure a good fit
When using this chart, women should order
the size that they measure on the chart.
Keep in mind, this is a men's sizing chart.
Therefore, women will order two sizes
smaller than their typical size. For
instance, if a woman typically wears a
9, she will measure as a 7 on this
chart and should order a 7 when
purchasing men's footwear.
For the most accurate shoe sizing, print this page
at 100 percent. Do not scale. To accomplish this,
go to the print menu, select page sizing and
handling. Print “actual size” or “100% scale.”
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