Peer Evaluation Form For Group Work


Peer   E valuation   F orm   f or   G roup   W ork  
Your   n ame       _ __________________________________________________________  
Write   t he   n ame   o f   e ach   o f   y our   g roup   m embers   i n   a   s eparate   c olumn.   C arefully   e valuate   t he   p erformance   o f   e ach   m ember   i n   y our  
group   o ver   t he   p eriod   o f   t he   g roup   p roject.   U se   t he   f ollowing   s cale   o f   1 -­‐4   ( 1=strongly   d isagree;   2 =disagree;   3 =agree;   4 =strongly   a gree).  
Total   t he   n umbers   i n   e ach   c olumn.  
Evaluation   C riteria  
Group   m ember:  
Group   m ember:  
Group   m ember:  
Group   m ember:  
Group   m ember:  
Attended   g roup   m eetings  
regularly   a nd   a rrives   o n  
Contributed   m eaningfully   t o  
group   d iscussions.  
Completed   g roup   t asks   o n  
Prepared   w ork   i n   a   q uality  
Demonstrated   a   c ooperative  
and   s upportive   a ttitude.  
Contributed   s ignificantly   t o  
the   s uccess   o f   t he   p roject.  


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