7th Grade Supplies List - 2017-2018


Grade Supplies List
2017 - 2018
Welcome to 7th Grade!
We provide this list to help your student be ready for school. Please understand that there
may be changes or additions as the year progresses and new needs become apparent.
Skyward communications: Please log into Skyward and make sure of the following.
All your personal information, including contact information, is accurate.
You have selected the way you would like grades to be sent to you automatically.
Your student knows their own login and password. One of the goals for
seventh grade is for students to periodically view their grades, set goals, monitor and
adjust their performance towards achieving their goal.
Students should have with them at all times for each class (if possible,
please buy extra at the start of the year so your student does not run out
during the year):
a quiet pencil case containing at least
#2 pencils (HB pencil is another term for #2 pencil)
extra leads for mechanical pencils (if preferred) or a sharpener that collects the
shavings for wood pencils
large clean eraser
2 black and/or blue pens
multicolored pens for grading
correction tape (is better than white-out because there is no dry time)
2 highlighters
One 6-inch ruler
binder paper
simple four function calculator
Lock for locker (students will be assigned a locker within the first couple of weeks)
Headphones/earbuds (to listen to videos/instructions/information online)
Personal Skyward login and password
7th Grade Science (Dr. Breil)
One 1-inch, 3 ring binder stocked with about 50 pages of binder paper
One 5-tab binder divider set
one 200 page composition notebook
7th Grade Mathematics (Mr. Pringle)
One 2-inch 3 ring binder with pockets and stocked with binder papers
One 5-tab binder divider set
One Composition notebook (Not Spiral)
1080 SW 11th Street Gainesville, FL 32601
Graph papers
P: 352.392.1554
F: 352.392.9559
One protractor (for use at home)
1080 SW 11th Street Gainesville, FL 32601
P: 352.392.1554
F: 352.392.9559


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