Independent Reading Log


Grade English Language Arts
~Miss Frankie Wright~
Spirit Creek Middle School~
Student’s Name: ______________________________________
Homeroom Teacher: _________________
Date Given: _________________
Due Date: ________________
Present Lexile Level: __________________
Lexile Goal: ___________
Directions: You are expected to read at least SIX novels every nine weeks. You must read THREE books that are fiction and TWO books that
are nonfiction. NO EXCEPTIONS! You will keep track of your books in the space(s) provided. Each category must be completed in order to get
credit for the books that you have read. In addition to this assignment, you must choose THREE of the books that you have read and give a
book critique for each one selected. All book critiques must be completed on a separate handout. Each book critique will be worth one quiz
grade. Your reading log will be worth six homework grades and turned in during the last week of each grading period. Successful completion of
the reading logs will grant you access to receiving classroom rewards ! Also, all reading logs must be kept in your ELA binder at all times!!!!!
Title of Book
Write a brief summary about the novel that you have read. Your
summary should be 5-7 sentences and written in the space
provided. Include the central idea, conflict, characters, and other
important elements on a story in your summary.
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