Scale Summary Sheet - Rudiment Summary For Percussion


Scale Summary Sheet
Rudiment Summary for Percussion
Students are asked to place this in their portfolio.
Students must have completed all scales (and rudiments for percussion)
prior to Sophomore Review
Student Name ______________________________________
Instrument _________________________________________
________ Chromatic Scale
Major Scales
Minor Scales
_____ C
______ a
Rudiments: Percussion Students Only
_____ G
______ e
The 26 standard drum rudiments are to be
played for the applied private teacher. All
_____ D
______ b
26 rudiments are to be completed prior to
the Sophomore Review. For Music Industry
_____ A
______ f#
students, this requirement must be completed
by the final semester of private study.
_____ E
______ c#
_____ B
______ g#
All standard drum rudiments have been
_____ F#/Gb
______ d#/eb
Applied Teacher Signature
_____ C#/Db
______ a#/bb
_____ Ab
______ f
_____ Eb
______ c
_____ Bb
______ g
_____ F
______ d
All major and minor scales (percussionists perform scales on mallets and rudiments on
snare drum) must be completed prior to the student’s appearance at Sophomore Review.
Music Industry majors must complete scales/rudiments by the end of their final semester
of lessons.
Scales are to be played in eighth notes at a minimum tempo of quarter note = 100 m.m.
A faculty member from the wind/string/percussion area initials each scale as it is


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