2017-2018 Classroom Activity Bingo Clue Sheet Print-Out Cards Chart


2017-2018 Classroom Activity
Bingo Clue Sheet Print-Out Cards
Instructions: Print and cut out each clue card. Shuffle all cards in a bag to pull out clues one at a time
and read to the class.
How flu is spread from
Flu season occurs
These are symptoms of the flu
person to person
during these seasons
Fever, sore throat, headache,
Cough, sneeze, talk, or
Fall and winter,
muscle aches, cough, fatigue
touching infected surface
and possibly spring
Number of flu-related
These are ways to prevent the flu
How often is flu vaccine
hospitalizations per year
recommended for everyone
Wash hands, cover coughs &
in the U.S.
6 months and older?
sneezes, stay home if sick,
get vaccinated
200,000 people
Every year
An additional dose of
Shot that protects against
A highly contagious bacterial
vaccine to keep you healthy
three diseases (tetanus,
disease that causes rapid,
as protection wears off
diphtheria, and pertussis)
uncontrollable coughing fits
Booster Dose
Tdap vaccine
Pertussis (whooping cough)
This virus commonly affects both
A serious bacterial infection that
1 person in the U.S. gets cancer
boys and girls,
may result in inflammation of the
caused by HPV every _____.
and can lead to cancer
lining of the brain and spinal cord
20 minutes
Human Papillomavirus (HPV)
Meningococcal disease
A booster dose of
Adolescent vaccines (HPV,
Additional vaccines may be
meningococcal conjugate
Tdap, Meningococcal) are
needed for this activity
vaccine is needed at this age
recommended at this age
16 years
11-12 years
How can meningococcal
This vaccine is a 2-dose series,
HPV infections can lead to this
disease be spread?
if started before age 15
Cancer: cervical, penile, anal,
Sharing saliva, air droplets
HPV vaccine
(sharing drinks, kissing, etc.)
HPV infections are most
Vaccines stimulate this
Who is at risk for pertussis?
common at this age range
to keep you healthy
Teens and early 20s
Immune system
These three presidents, Abraham
This term means that the
These are symptoms of
Lincoln, Grover Cleveland, and
more people who are
meningococcal disease
vaccinated makes it less
James Garfield, all had children
Stiff neck, confusion, fatigue, severe
likely for a disease to spread
who died of this disease
headache, fever, sensitivity to light
Herd immunity


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