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Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service
Form 1041-ES
Estimated Income Tax for Estates and Trusts
OMB No. 1545-0971
Section references are to the Internal
This package is primarily for first-time
2. A decedent’s estate for any tax year
Revenue Code unless otherwise noted.
filers. After the IRS receives the first
ending before the date that is 2 years
payment voucher, the estate or trust will
after the decedent’s death; or
Future Developments
receive a 1041-ES package with the
3. A trust that was treated as owned
name, address, and employer
For the latest information about
by the decedent if the trust will receive
identification number (EIN) preprinted on
developments related to Form 1041-ES
the residue of the decedent’s estate
the vouchers for the next tax year. Use
and its instructions, such as legislation
under the will (or if no will is admitted to
the preprinted vouchers unless the
enacted after they were published, go to
probate, the trust primarily responsible
Electronic Federal Tax Payment System
for paying debts, taxes, and expenses of
(EFTPS) is used. If you, as fiduciary,
administration) for any tax year ending
didn't receive any 2017 preprinted
before the date that is 2 years after the
vouchers, use the vouchers in this
decedent’s death.
Income tax brackets. The top income
package. However, don't use the
tax bracket for estates and trusts is
How To Figure Estimated
vouchers to notify the IRS of a change of
39.6%, as amended by the American
address. If the fiduciary has moved,
Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (ATRA), P.L.
complete Form 8822-B, Change of
Use the 2017 Estimated Tax Worksheet
Address or Responsible Party —
Net investment income tax. The Net
and 2017 Tax Rate Schedule, later, and
Investment Income Tax (NIIT) imposes a
the estate’s or trust’s 2016 tax return
Who Must Make Estimated
3.8% tax on the lesser of an estate's or
and instructions as a guide for figuring
trust's net investment income or the
Tax Payments
the 2017 estimated tax.
excess of the estate's or trust's adjusted
If the estate or trust receives its
Generally, a fiduciary of an estate or trust
gross income over a specified threshold
income unevenly throughout the year, it
must pay estimated tax if the estate or
amount. The NIIT doesn't apply to trusts
may be able to lower or eliminate the
trust is expected to owe, after
where all of the unexpired interests are
amount of its required estimated tax
subtracting its withholding and credits,
devoted to charitable purposes.
payment for one or more periods by
at least $1,000 in tax for 2017 and can
Consider any additional tax liability
using the annualized income installment
expect its withholding and credits to be
associated with the NIIT when
method. See Pub. 505, Tax Withholding
less than the smaller of:
calculating the estate's or trust's
and Estimated Tax, for details.
estimated tax payments. For more
1. 90% of the tax shown on the 2017
Instructions for 2017
information on calculating the additional
tax return, or
tax you may owe, please see the
Estimated Tax Worksheet
2. The tax shown on the 2016 tax
information available on
return (110% of that amount if the
Line 4. Exemption
estate’s or trust’s adjusted gross income
(AGI) on that return is more than
Decedents’ estates. A decedent’s
Capital gains and qualified dividends.
$150,000, and less than
of gross
estate is allowed a $600 exemption.
The maximum tax rate for long-term
income for 2016 or 2017 is from farming
Trusts required to distribute all
capital gains and qualified dividends is
or fishing). To figure the estate’s or
income currently. A trust whose
20%, as amended by ATRA. For tax year
trust’s AGI, see the instructions for line
governing instrument requires that all
2017, the 20% rate applies to amounts
15c of Form 1041, U.S. Income Tax
income be distributed currently
above $12,500. The 0% and 15% rates
Return for Estates and Trusts.
is allowed a $300 exemption, even if it
continue to apply to amounts below
However, if a return wasn't filed for
distributed amounts other than income
certain threshold amounts. The 0% rate
2016 or that return didn't cover a full 12
during the tax year.
applies to amounts up to $2,550. The
months, item (2) doesn't apply.
Qualified disability trusts. A qualified
15% rate applies to amounts between
For this purpose, include household
disability trust is allowed a $4,050
the two thresholds.
employment taxes when figuring the tax
exemption if the trust’s modified AGI is
Purpose of Form
shown on the tax return, but only if:
less than or equal to $261,500. If its
modified AGI (as defined in the
• The estate or trust will have federal
Use this package to figure and pay
Instructions for Form 1041) exceeds
income tax withheld from any income, or
estimated tax for an estate or trust.
$261,500, complete the Exemption
Estimated tax is the amount of tax an
• The estate or trust would be required
Worksheet for Qualified Disability Trusts
estate or trust expects to owe for the
to make estimated tax payments (to
Only, later, to figure the amount of the
year after subtracting the amount of any
avoid a penalty) even if it didn't include
trust’s exemption.
tax withheld and the amount of any
household employment taxes when
A qualified disability trust is any trust:
figuring its estimated tax.
Exceptions. Estimated tax payments
1. Described in 42 U.S.C. 1396p(c)(2)
(B)(iv) and established solely for the
aren't required from:
benefit of an individual under 65 years of
1. An estate of a domestic decedent or
age who is disabled, and
a domestic trust that had a full 12-month
2016 tax year and had no tax liability for
that year;
Cat. No. 63550R


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