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connection with the transaction but need not be disseminated to security holders. Any English summary
submitted must meet the requirements of Regulation S-T Rule 306(a) (17 CFR 232.306(a)) if submitted
electronically or of Securities Act Rule 403(c)(3) (17 CFR 230.403(c)(3)) or Exchange Act Rule 12b-
12(d)(3) (17 CFR 240.12b-12(d)(3)) if submitted in paper.
(2) Furnish copies of any documents incorporated by reference into the home jurisdiction document(s).
Note to paragraphs (1) and (2) of Part II: In accordance with Regulation S-T Rule 311(f) (17 CFR
232.311(f)), a party may submit a paper copy under cover of Form SE (17 CFR 239.64, 249.444, 259.603,
269.8, and 274.403) of an unabridged foreign language document when submitting an English summary in
electronic format under paragraph (1) of this Part or when furnishing a foreign language document that has
been incorporated by reference under paragraph (2) of this Part.
(3) If any of the persons specified in Part IV has signed the Form CB under a power of attorney, a party
submitting the Form CB in electronic format must include a copy of the power of attorney signed in
accordance with Regulation S-T Rule 302 (17 CFR 232.302). A party submitting the Form CB in paper must
also include a copy of the signed power of attorney.
(1) When this Form is furnished to the Commission, the person furnishing this Form (if a non-U.S. person) must
also file with the Commission a written irrevocable consent and power of attorney on Form F-X.
(2) Promptly communicate any change in the name or address of an agent for service to the Commission by
amendment of the Form F-X.
(1) Each person (or its authorized representative) on whose behalf the Form is submitted must sign the Form. If
a person’s authorized representative signs, and the authorized representative is someone other than an
executive officer or general partner, provide evidence of the representative’s authority with the Form.
(2) Type or print the name and any title of each person who signs the Form beneath his or her signature.
After due inquiry and to the best of my knowledge and belief, I certify that the information set forth in this
statement is true, complete and correct.
(Name and Title)


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