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1. The Law Clerks would be appointed by a committee of Three
nominated by the Chief Justice of the High Court.
2. Graduates in law, post graduate in law or Doctorate in law from any
recognized University in India only would be eligible to apply for
appointment as Law Clerks. Candidates practicing at the Bar or
having professional experience or literary works in law to their
credit would get preference.
3. The applications would have to be made in the prescribed proforma
annexed to the scheme and has to be addressed to the Registrar
General of this Court. The application shall be accompanied by two
certificates or recommendation from the faculty of the University/
College where the applicant had studied.
4. On receipt of the applications, the same shall be processed by the
Registrar General of this Court or any other authority nominated by
him and would thereafter be placed before the Committee.
5. The Committee would scrutinize the applications and on an
assessment thereof short-list the candidates on merits. The
committee would then conduct an interview and select the
candidates to be appointed as Law Clerks on the basis of merit and
6. The appointment would be made by the Chief Justice of the High
Court from the panel of the recommended candidates if so
approved by him.
7. Each of the Judges of the High Court shall be entitled to have one
Law Clerk and the Chief Justice two. Provided, that the Chief Justice
in his discretion
increase the number if he considers it
necessary for the work of any Judge concerned.
8. The tenure of the Law Clerks would be initially for one year
extendable by another year in the maximum. The extension of the
initial term would be contingent on the recommendation of the
Judge or Judges concerned of whom the Law Clerk had been
9. The appointment of a Law Clerk may at any time be terminated
without assigning any reason if so recommended by the Judge
under whom he is working.
10. At the time of appointment, every Law Clerk would undertake in
writing that he would strictly adhere to the code of conduct
appended hereto and that in case of any breach thereof, his
services may be terminated by the appointing authority after
considering his explanation if any , to the charge of such violation.
11. The salary payable to the Law Clerks would be ` 10,000/- per
month or such higher amount as may be fixed by the Chief Justice
of this Court in his discretion and as may be deemed fit and
12. The Law Clerk shall be subject to the Rules as applicable to the
employees of this Court as to conduct and matters not specifically
provided for in this Scheme.


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