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For mishaps causing injury or illness to more than one individual, complete and attach a DS-1663
(with only sections 1-19 completed) for each additional individual.
17. Nature of Injury or Illness - Indicate the type of injury (or property
damage) or illness, such as 2nd degree burn, fracture, abrasion, contusion,
1. Agency - Agency of injured individual or agency reporting damaged
amputation, hearing loss, irritation, cancer, liver disease, contamination,
2. Post/City, ST - Provide post name for overseas mishaps, US City and
State for domestic mishaps.
18. Body Part(s) Injured - Indicate the body parts(s) injured, such as lower
3. Organizational Symbol - For domestic mishaps only, provide office
arm, ankle, ribs, neck, head, eye, hearing, liver, respiratory tract, etc.
symbol of injured individual or office reporting damaged property.
(Leave blank for property damage mishaps).
4. Type of Mishap - Check one or more types that apply to this mishap.
For "Environmental Contamination," see NOTE.
a. Estimated Calendar Days Lost from work - A count of all calendar days
5. Date of Mishap - Enter the date of mishap as mm-dd-yyyy. For illnesses
(consecutive or not), including weekend days and holidays, after, but not
(e.g., cumulative trauma), enter the date of diagnosis or onset of disability,
including, the day of injury or illness onset, where the employee would
whichever is earlier.
worked but could not because of the injury or illness.
6. Time of Mishap - Enter time as hh:mm. Check a.m. or p.m.
b. Estimated Days Restricted Duty - The number of days when the
7. Location of Mishap - Check all the appropriate boxes that apply for
employee could not perform any or all of his or her normal assignment
property type and ownership of USG facility or residence. Then briefly
during all or any part of the workday or shift, because of the injury or illness.
describe the specific location on the property (e.g., warehouse, swimming
c. Name of treating physician/health care provider - Self Explanatory
pool, cafeteria, office area, bedroom).
8. Detailed Description of Mishap - Describe in as much detail as possible,
d. Treatment facility name and address (if off-site) - Self Explanatory
the who, what, where, when, why and how of the mishap. Include relevant
e. Employee's Date of Hire - Enter the date as mm-dd-yyyy.
remarks about weather, equipment or tools involved, unsafe conditions,
acts and personal factors and whether other persons may have
f. Employee's Shift Start Time - Enter as hh:mm.
contributed to the accident. For environmental mishaps, describe the
failures (equipment or personnel) that led to the release of chemicals or
20. Estimated Amount of Property Damage - Self Explanatory.
Leave blank for injury/illness mishaps.
21. Type of Property - Such as building, residence, GOV, POV, personal
9. Name of Individual - Self Explanatory. Check the "TDY" box if employee
property, security barrier, etc.
was on a temporary duty assignment when the mishap occurred.
22. Property Status - Check if property is government owned.
10. Gender - Self Explanatory.
11. Date of Birth - Enter date of injured individual's birth as mm-dd-yyyy.
23. What Corrective Action Has Been or Will Be Implemented - Describe
action(s) to be taken that will prevent the recurrence of similar mishaps in the
12. Category and Job/Activity - For employees, check one personnel
future. Indicate whether actions have been implemented, or estimated date of
category and provide the injured employee's job title or a brief job
when actions will be implemented.
description. (FS - Foreign Service, GS - General Service, FSN - Foreign
Service National, EFM - Eligible Family Member, PSC - Personal Services
Contractor, CON - Contractor. For Other - enter brief description (e.g.,
Signatures - The POSHO must review and sign off on the DS-1663.
family member, local national)). Check the "Post-Managed Contractor?"
if the contractor is being managed by Post personnel, versus OBO
personnel on an OBO-managed project.
Send the completed form to the Post
Occupational Safety and Health
2201 C Street, NW
Officer (POSHO) at your Post. If that's
Washington, DC 20522-6011
13. Severity of Injury or Illness - Check all that apply. For "Fatal",
not possible, scan and email a copy
or by Fax to 202-647-1873
"Permanent Disability", see NOTE. For "Lost time/Restricted Duty, enter
the number of days in block 17. "Medical Attention Other than First Aid"
are mishaps that do NOT result in lost time from work, but where medical
treatment is administered by a physician or registered professional
Workers' Compensation Claim Filing - Do NOT send CA-1 or CA-2 forms to
personnel under the orders of a physician. First Aid treatment (i.e.,
OBO/OPS/SHEM. Employees need to file claims electronically using the
one-time treatment of minor scratches, cuts, burns, splinters and so forth)
Department of Labor's ECOMP system. Contact HR/ER/WLD for additional
does not ordinarily require medical care, even if administered by a
physician or registered professional.
Workers' Compensation Program
14. Fatality - Enter date of death if after date of mishap as mm-dd-yyyy.
NOTE: The following categories of mishaps must be reported within
15. Medical Attention - Inpatient hospitalization means being admitted to the
12 hours as per 15 FAM 964.4-1:
hospital for at least one overnight stay resulting from the injury/illness. For
* Injury or occupational illness resulting in a fatality, permanent
"Emergency Room" medical care, check for any instances where the
total disability or inpatient hospitalization;
patient used emergency room services.
* Property damage of $50,000 or more;
16. Cause of Mishap - Identify the event that resulted in the injury or illness
* Operations curtailed or shut down for more than 8 hours;
(such as falling from, struck by, lifting, inhaling) and the object or source
* Injuries or occupational illnesses (with lost workdays), involving
involved (such as ladder, tool, chemical). For property damage or
three or more employees;
environmental contamination, provide the event and source leading to the
* Any environmental contamination.
AUTHORITY: The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (29 U.S.C. 657, 673); Secretary of Labor's Order No. 12-71 (36 FR 8754), 8-76 (441 FR 25059),
or 9-83 (48 FT 35736) and Code of Federal Regulations, Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Labor (29 1904, 1-22).
The DS-1663, Report of Mishap (15 FAM 963) is required whenever a mishap occurs on Department owned or leased property or during the conduct of U.S.
Government business. Reporting is required when mishaps result in personal injury (excluding a minor injury requiring to only first aid treatment), property
damage in excess of $1,000 or any environmental contamination.
PURPOSE: The principal purpose of the Report of Mishap is to inform safety and health officials of all serious occupational injuries, illnesses, and environmental
contamination incidents. Sufficient details must be provided to help prevent future occurrences. It is also used to insure that supervisors are aware of their
safety/health responsibilities.
ROUTINE USES: These reports are used to provide statistical information to the Department of Labor in the Department's Safety and Occupational Health
Annual Report. This report is designed to document and measure the progress of the safety program. Mishap reports are reviewed during program
assessments and to focus training/assistance efforts on the information contained therein.
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