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Civil – SCP
Default Judgment
April 2017
How to Request a Default Judgment
Superior Court of New Jersey – Special Civil Part
Small Claims and Regular Special Civil Part Cases
Who Should Use This Packet?
If you sue someone by filing a complaint against him or her, that person (the defendant) is required to either
answer your complaint in writing, or appear in person in court. If the defendant does not answer the complaint or
fails to appear at a required court hearing, the defendant is “in default.”
Before the person who filed the complaint can attempt to collect any amount of money after defendant’s default,
the court must also have a record that proves what amount the defendant must pay. This process is called
“entering a default judgment.” Attached are instructions with a document called a Certification of Proof that is
used to enter a default judgment against someone. This Certification shows how much the person owes you and
asks the court to enter the default judgment in that amount. You will be asked to provide documentation that
supports the amount you claim is owed. You must complete and submit the Certification form before you can
collect any money owed.
Use this packet if:
• The request for a default judgment is submitted to the court within six months from the date that
default was entered against the defendant. If you are unsure of this date, contact the staff of the
Special Civil Part.
DO NOT use this packet if:
• More than six months have gone by from the date of the entry of default.
• Default was entered because the defendant’s answer was dismissed.
• The defendant’s answer was stricken for failure to answer interrogatories (a set of legal questions
served upon the defendant and required to be answered).
• This is a repossession case.
• You are unable to prove that the defendant is not on active duty in the military.
If you cannot use this form, you are required to file a motion. A motion requires a decision by a judge.
Forms and instructions to file a motion are available from the
Office of the Special Civil Part
or from the
Internet at njcourts.gov.
Revised 04/18/2017, CN 10914 (How to Request a Default Judgment)
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