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Form 8945 (9-2010)
General Instructions
District,” etc., on the second line as the district. However, if you
are Anabaptist or Mennonite, enter the name of your religious
Section references are to the Internal Revenue Code unless
group as “Unaffiliated Mennonite Churches,” or “Eastern
otherwise noted.
Pennsylvania Mennonite Church,” etc., as your religious group,
and the congregation as “Antrim Mennonite Church
Purpose of Form
(Anabaptist),” or “Bethel Mennonite Church (Mennonite),” on the
second line.
Form 8945 is used by U.S. citizens who are members of certain
recognized religious groups (defined below) that want to
How To Apply
prepare tax returns for compensation. All tax return preparers
must obtain a preparer tax identification number (PTIN) to be
Applying by computer. Access the following webpage:
eligible to prepare tax returns for compensation. Generally, the
for information on applying by computer.
IRS requires an individual to provide a social security number
During the PTIN application process, you will be prompted to
(SSN) to get a PTIN. Because members of certain religious
complete and mail Form 8945 and supporting documents. Allow
groups have a conscientious objection to obtaining an SSN,
2-4 weeks to receive your PTIN.
Form 8945 must be filed by these individuals to establish their
Applying by mail. Complete both Form W-12 and Form 8945.
identity, U.S. citizenship, and status as members of a
An application fee of $64.25 is required to be sent with Form
recognized religious group.
W-12. Send both forms, the payment for the application fee,
After December 31, 2010, you must have a PTIN to
and the supporting documents to the following address:
be eligible to prepare a tax return for compensation.
IRS Tax Pro PTIN Processing Center
104 Brookeridge Drive #5000
Waterloo, IA 50702
Social security numbers. Do not complete Form 8945 if you
Allow 4-6 weeks to receive your PTIN.
have an SSN or are not a member of a religious group that has a
conscientious objection to obtaining an SSN. If you have an
Submission of Form 8945. Submit the following.
application for an SSN pending, do not file Form 8945.
1. Your completed Form 8945 and
If you already have an SSN, enter the SSN when you apply for
2. The original documents, or certified or notarized copies of
your PTIN using Form W-12, IRS Paid Preparer Tax
documents, that substantiate the information provided on Form
Identification Number (PTIN) Application.
8945. The supporting documentation must be consistent with
To get an SSN, see Form SS-5, Application for a Social
the information provided on Form 8945. For example, the name
Security Card. To get Form SS-5 or to find out if you are eligible
must be the same as on Form 8945, line 1 or line 3; and the
to get an SSN, go to or contact a Social
date of birth must be the same as on Form 8945, line 3.
Security Administration (SSA) office.
To avoid any loss of your documents, it is
Telephone help. If you have questions about completing this
suggested you do not submit the original
form, the status of your application, or the return of your original
documents submitted with this form, you may call the following
phone numbers. If calling from the U.S., call 877-613-PTIN
You can submit copies of original documents if you do either
(7846). For TTY/TDD assistance, call 877-613-3686. If calling
of the following:
internationally, call 319-464-3272 (not a toll-free number).
• Have the copies certified by the issuing agency or official
Telephone help is generally available Monday through Friday
custodian of the original record. All certifications must stay
from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Central time.
attached to the copies of the documents when they are sent to
Who May Apply
the IRS.
• Have the copies notarized by a U.S. notary public legally
You may apply if you are a member of, and follow the teachings
authorized within his or her local jurisdiction to certify that each
of, a recognized religious group (as defined below).
document is a true copy of the original. To do this, the notary
You are not eligible to file Form 8945 as part of the process of
must see the valid, unaltered, original documents and verify that
obtaining a PTIN if you received social security benefits or
the copies conform to the original. You must send the copy that
payments, or if anyone else received these benefits or payments
bears the mark (stamp, signature, etc.) of the notary.
based on your wages or self-employment income.
Photocopies or faxes of notarized documents are not
Recognized religious group. A recognized religious group
must meet the following requirements.
Original documents you submit will be returned to
• It is conscientiously opposed to its members applying for and
you at the mailing address shown on your Form
receiving social security numbers.
8945. You do not need to provide a return
envelope. If your original documents are not
• It has existed continuously since December 31, 1950.
returned within 60 days, you can call us at the phone numbers
Certification. In order to complete the certification portion
provided earlier under Telephone help. Copies of documents will
above the signature of applicant, you need to enter your
not be returned.
religious group (on the first line) followed by the religious district
or congregation (on the second line). For example, if you enter
“Old Order Amish” as your religious group, then you would enter
“Conewango Valley North District,” “Conewango Valley West


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