Action Report To The Bom Registrar (Clergy Services) - District Committee On Ordained Ministry


District Committee on Ordained Ministry
Action Report to the BOM Registrar (Clergy Services)
District _________________________________________ Date __________________________
Full Name of Candidate ______________________________________
Current Status _______________________
Candidate’s Address __________________________________________________________________________________
The district Committee on Ordained Ministry took the following action(s) regarding the person listed above.
Check the appropriate action(s). All votes require 3/4 majority approval.
_____ Supply (SY) This person is serving as a Supply
DCOM has reviewed Medical, Criminal Background, TABE, Credit, and Psychological Results.
DS initial _______
Granted certified candidate status according to(
Recommended for Licensing School
Recommended (continuation) as certified candidate
Certified as having completed the studies for licensing as a local pastor, to be listed as eligible for appointment,
and is awarded the license as a local pastor when and if appointed to a local parish
Recommended to the BOM for continued eligibility for appointment as a local pastor
Recommended for election to provisional membership toward deacon’s orders
Recommended for election to provisional membership toward elder’s orders
Recommended for associate membership
(¶321 & 322)
_____ Annual Meeting with PE _____ or PD _____ (Complete & attach form 04SCBOM)
_____ Recommended for Transition from Full Deacon to Full Elder _____ or Full Elder to Full Deacon _____
_____ Recommended for Transition from Provisional Deacon to Provisional Elder _____ or PE to
Recommended for readmission to conference relationship:
Readmission to provisional membership
_____ Reinstatement as Local Pastor
Readmission after honorable or administrative location
Readmission after exit of ministerial office
Persons who are awarded the license as a local pastor, or who are continued in that status must be classified as one of the following
(If licensed, please check appropriate designation):
_____Retired (RL, RSY)
_____Full-Time Local Pastor
Indicate progress in studies: COS: School_____________________ Year__________________
Seminary and Year_____________________________________________________________
_____Part-Time Local Pastor
Indicate time ____1/4, ____1/2, or ___3/4
_____Student Local Pastor
College: School_________________________________________ Year__________________
_____Discontinue from Status
_____Other _____________________________________________________________________________________________
Signature of DCOM Chair or Registrar ____________________________________________ Date:_______________________
Phone _______________________
2016, April 6
DS Office File
Copy distribution:
Clergy Services, 4908 Colonial Drive, Columbia, SC 29203 (or email: )
2016-DCOM Guide


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