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To: Servicepersons Awaiting Discharge Who May Have a Disability
Subj: Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment--Getting Ahead After You Get Out
Do you have a disability that began or became worse during active duty? If so, you may qualify for
employment services, training, education, and other services through our Vocational Rehabilitation and
Employment Program. This letter tells you about our program and how to apply.
What can vocational rehabilitation do for you?
Vocational rehabilitation can help you get and keep a good job. While training after you leave active duty,
you'll get monthly payments to help with living expenses. These payments are over and above any VA
compensation, military retirement, or separation pay. You may even start rehabilitation before you leave
active duty. If you're too disabled to work, we may be able to help you live more independently.
On the back of this letter, you'll find more details about vocational rehabilitation. You may also want to get
VA Pamphlet 28-00-1, Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Program Working Partners.
How can you apply?
To apply for vocational rehabilitation, take the following steps:
Complete VA Form 28-1900, Disabled Veterans Application for Vocational Rehabilitation. You
may do this before you leave active duty.
Step 1
Instead of sending a written application, you may apply over the internet at (If you apply over the internet, go to step 4.)
Step 2
Sign and date the Notice to VA Veterans Service Center on the back of this letter.
Send both the VA Form 28-1900 and the Notice to the nearest VA regional office or give them to
Step 3
a VA staff member at any military discharge center.
VA will set up an appointment to meet with a counselor. Your counselor will work with you to
review your situation, determine your entitlement to rehabilitation benefits, and discuss your
Step 4
options. Be sure to come to this appointment.
If you have questions, please call 1-800-827-1000. Ask for the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment
Division. We'll be happy to help you.
Sincerely yours,
Vocational Rehabilitation and
Employment Division
DEC 2000


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