Sample Email Resume And Cover Letter Template


Sample Email Resume and Cover Letter
From: Gerri Mitchell
To: Annabel Kennedy
Sent: Monday, April 25, 2006 3:15 PM
Subject: Gerri Mitchell- Resume: Compliance Officer
Attachment: Gerri Mitchell Resume and Cover Letter.doc (19.5KB)
Dear Ms. Kennedy,
I learned of the Compliance Officer position with the Harborview Medical Center
Administration through the University of Washington School of Public Health job listings web
site. I am very interested in applying for this position. I will be completing my Masters in
Public Health in June 2006, and I have over five years experience with health care compliance
programs and six months experience in health policy review. I do well with organizing,
problem solving and coordinating programs- especially related to policies and procedures. My
resume is included below and attached for your review. I look forward to discussing further
with you how my background and qualifications might fit with the Compliance Officer
position. Thank you for considering my application.
Gerri Mitchell
(206) 111-1111
Gerri Mitchell
100 40
Seattle, Washington 98105
(206) 111-1111
OBJECTIVE: Medical Center Compliance Officer
* Five years experience in design and implementation of health care compliance programs
* Over six months experience in health policy review for large inner city medical center
* Strong understanding and application of medical billing, coding and audit controls to ensure
compliance with the changes and modifications of federal and state regulations
* Highly effective at recognizing program problem areas and generating solutions


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