Old Ketchup Packet Heads For Trash (1280l) - Middle School Reading Article Worksheet


Vale Middle School Reading Article
Old Ketchup Packet Heads for the Trash (1280L)
Questions: Answer in COMPLETE SENTENCES unless otherwise instructed. Lists and charts are the
exception and may be answered in phrases.
Read the following article carefully and make notes in the margin as you read.
Your notes should include:
o Comments that show that you understand the article. (A summary or statement of the main
idea of important sections may serve this purpose.)
o Questions you have that show what you are wondering about as you read.
o Notes that differentiate between fact and opinion.
o Observations about how the writer’s strategies (organization, word choice, perspective,
support) and choices affect the article.
Your margin notes are part of your score for this assessment.
Student _________________________________Class Period______________________
Notes on my thoughts,
Old Ketchup Packet Heads for Trash
reactions and questions as I
Some people rip off the corner of the packet with their teeth. Others, while driving, squirt the
ketchup directly into their mouth, then add fries. Some forgo fries at the drive-through all together
to keep from creating a mess in the car. After observing these and other "compensating
behaviors," H. J. Heinz Co. says it spent three years developing a better ketchup packet.


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