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Easton Recreation Department
Financial Assistance Policy
Discounted registration fees may be available to those who qualify, on a sliding scale,
based upon availability of funds and Federal Income Guidelines.
Please fill out the Financial Assistance Eligibility Application Form. Information on the
application is confidential and will be used only for the purpose of determining eligibility
for the financial assistance program. This application is kept on file for one year, and a
new application must be submitted if financial need continues the following year.
The Financial Assistance Eligibility Application Form is a “request form” only, not a
confirmation of registration. The Recreation Department will review all applications and
determine the availability of funds prior to the approval of each registration request.
Upon approval, the Recreation Department will confirm registration with the applicant.
Eligible individuals and families must follow the regular registration process.
Registration deadlines will apply. Registration for many programs is limited and
eligibility for financial assistance does not guarantee enrollment in a program.
Services exempt from financial assistance include:
Blue Hills ski or snowboard season pass
Equipment Rentals (skis, skates, etc.)
Daily admissions (town pool)
Birthday parties at the town pool
Ticket Sales (group trips, field trips)
Also, some programs are run by outside contractors. Discounts for these programs will
vary and be dependent upon instructor fees.
This list is subject to change at the discretion of the
Easton Recreation Department.


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