Trail To Eagle Checklist


Trail to Eagle Checklist
To the Life Scout:
This Eagle packet contains the materials you will be working with to complete
your Eagle requirements. Check to make sure this packet contains the following
# Letter from the Council Advancement Chairman
# Booklet entitled “Life to Eagle Packet.” (This contains your Eagle Project worksheets.)
# Two Eagle Application Forms. (One is a practice sheet. The other is the official sheet you will turn in.)
# Parent’s Letter of Recommendation
# Religious Leader’s Letter of Recommendation
# School Official’s Letter of Recommendation
# Employer’s Letter of Recommendation
# Scoutmaster’s Letter of Recommendation
# Two additional Letters of Recommendation
This is a checklist of items you must complete in order to qualify for the Eagle Badge. This checklist is
designed to help you keep track of your progress. It is your record. It is not submitted with your Eagle
application and materials. All requirements (leadership, merit badges, and service project) must be
completed prior to your 18th birthday.
Complete your Eagle Application down to the words “Requirement 1.” , Be sure to print neatly
or type. You need to verify all the dates with your Troop’s advancement chairman. These will
be rechecked by the Scout Service Center before your application is approved, so be accurate.
Complete the section of your Eagle application entitled “Requirement 1.” You have to have
been a Life Scout for at least six months. Write in the date of your Life Scout Board of Review.
In Requirement 2, your must decide who you want to have write letters of recommendation for
you. Choose carefully. In your packet you have a letter of recommendation form for each of
these people. Please note:
--The Parent Letter of Recommendation is to be given to one or both of your parents.
--The Religious Leader’s Letter of Recommendation is to be given to a pastor, priest, rabbi,
youth minister, or other minister who knows you personally.
--The School Official’s Letter of Recommendation is to be given to your principal, vice-
principal, assistant principal, or school counselor. If you have made the transition from one
school to another in the past twelve months (such as from middle school to high school), you
may select an official from your previous school.
--The Employer’s Letter of Recommendation is to be used if you are employed. It can be
given to your supervisor, manager, foreman, etc. It needs to be given to someone who
supervises your work, and not to a co-worker.
--The Scoutmaster’s Letter of Recommendation is to be given to your Scoutmaster.
--Two other Letters of Recommendation are to be completed by adults who know you
personally. These could be from teachers, neighbors, church members, community leaders,
adult Scout leaders outside of your own Scout troop, etc.
It is your duty to ask each of the people above to write a letter on your behalf. They are not
obligated to do so. If a person agrees to write a letter on your behalf, you then need to give him
or her the proper form. It is also your duty to give that person an envelope, properly addressed,
which you have stamped. You should not give a person an unstamped envelope; After all, this
person is doing you a courtesy. You provide the stamp. The envelope should be neatly
addressed (preferably typed) in the manner shown on the next page.


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