Sample Co-Tenant Agreement Form


Sample Co-Tenant Agreement
Date __________________________________
This Agreement is made between:
___________________________ ___________________________
___________________________ ___________________________
___________________________ ___________________________
The parties to this Agreement are joint tenants of a rental unit located at:
These tenants agree that their responsibilities under the lease and to each other shall
be governed by the following terms.
1. That each of the tenants shall follow the rules and conditions set out in the lease
2. That each of the tenants shall pay ONE __________ (1/number of tenants) of the
following expenses:
_________ rent ($____/mo.)
_________ telephone service
_________ electricity/cooking gas
_________ water
_________ heating oil/gas
_________ other
3. That each tenant shall pay for the long distance phone calls he or she makes.
4. That each tenant shall contribute an amount of money (in proportion to their
percentage of rent) to supply the landlord with the full security deposit. At the end
of the lease, each tenant shall receive their share of the security deposit, minus
the amount for any unpaid rent or damage caused by an individual tenant. If a
tenant creates more damage than her/his share of the security deposit will cover,
then that tenant shall reimburse the other tenants for any losses in their shares of
the security deposit. If a tenant moves out before the end of the lease, that tenant
must make arrangements to reimburse the other tenants for unpaid rent and/or
5. That each of the tenants shall remain a resident of the premises during the term
of the lease, or continue to pay her/his share of the rent, unless these steps are
a. Written consent to sublet is obtained from the landlord.
b. The tenant, at own expense, locates a new tenant to sublet their share.


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