Millionairre Financial Worksheet Template With Answer Key - Thomas J. Stanley, Ph.d.


Name   _ _______________________________     D ate   _ _______  
DIRECTIONS:     A nswer   t he   f ollowing   q uestions   b y   c ircling   a   T   f or   T rue   o r   F   f or  
1.   T   F  
A   m illionaire   i s   s omeone   w ho   h as   a   y early  
income   o f   $ 1,000,000   o r   m ore.  
2.   T   F  
Eighty   p ercent   o f   m illionaires   i nherited  
their   m oney.  
3.   T   F  
Approximately   2 /3   o f   m illionaires   a re   s elf-­‐
4.   T   F  
Because   o f   t heir   w ealth,   m ost   m illionaires  
work   l ess       t han   4 0   h ours   p er   w eek.  
5.   T   F  
Most   m illionaires   a re   c ollege   g raduates.  
6.   T   F  
More   m illionaires   c arry   a n   A merican  
Express   G old   C ard   t han   a   c redit   c ard   f rom  
7.   T   F  
Single   p eople   a re   m ore   o ften   m illionaires  
than   m arried   p eople.  
8.   T   F  
The   m ajority   o f   m illionaires   d rive   a   c urrent  
model   o f   a   l uxury   i mport   c ar.  
9.   T   F  
Most   m illionaires   w ork   i n   g lamorous   j obs,  
such   a s   s ports,   e ntertainment,   o r   h igh   t ech.  
10.   T   F  
Many   p oor   p eople   b ecome   m illionaires   b y  
winning   t he   l ottery.  
Questions   w ere   t aken   f rom   i tems   r ead   i n   T he   M illionaire   N ext   D oor   b y   T homas   J .   S tanley,   P h.D.  


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