Proposal Template


ABC Company
Address, Street, Building
City, State, Zip
Phone: 1-800-000-000
Job name
Ref #
submitted to
Address :
Proposal valid
Proposal #
till date #
of pages
We hereby submit specifications and details for:
We hereby propose to furnish material and labor to complete the job as per the above specifications for a sum of:
US$___________________________________________________________ (In figures) US$______________
With the terms of payments as follows: __________________________________________________________
Please revert for any clarification / further details.
Authorized Signatory: Name ___________________________ Signature: _______________________________
Acceptance of Proposal
I/We have reviewed your proposal and hereby indicate our acceptance of the same, as per the details, specifications
and amounts mentioned in the proposal form. I/We agree to the proposed terms of payment and will release the funds
as per agreed herein.
Authorized Signatory: Name _____________________ Signature: _______________________ Date _____________


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