Book Review Form


Book Review Form
1. Please create a book blurb, using a few sentences to sum up what your book
communicated to you? (use the reverse of this sheet if you need more space)
2. Did you learn anything new while reading your living book? (please describe)
3. Did this specific “reading” encourage any empathetic feelings for another
perspective (or not)?
4. Did your living book allow you to connect with or hear about any communi-
ties or experiences, which you are not normally in contact with?
5. Did your living book achieve the overarching goals of a human library.
That is to:
Y | N
increase dialogue and reduce prejudices
Y | N
increase discussion of gra
ti, street art and urban creativity in
the community
Y | N
help community leaders understand how to address diversity
issues in relation to gra
6. Is there anything else you would like to feed back?


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