Same Sentences English Worksheet With Answer Key


Are All Sentences the Same?
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No. They Have Different Purposes.
Four Kinds of Sentences
1. Make a statement to tell something. End with a period.
I can’t decide what to do about my friend Bernie.
2. Ask a question to find out something. End with a question mark.
Would you like to talk about it?
3. Use an exclamation to express a strong feeling. End with an
exclamation point.
Yes, I need help!
4. Give a command to tell someone what to do. End with a period.
Stop worrying. Tell me about it. Don’t leave anything out.
Start every sentence with a capital letter.
Try It
A. Read each sentence. Decide what kind of sentence it is. Write statement,
question, exclamation, or command on the line.
1. What did Bernie do?
2. I think he cheated on the math test.
3. Don’t tell anyone.
4. I can’t believe it!
B. Change each sentence to the kind in parentheses. Use correct punctuation.
Possible responses:
Did you see Bernie
5. I saw Bernie get the answers from another student. (question)
get the answers from another student?
Tell Mrs. Lynch about it.
6. Did you tell Mrs. Lynch about it? (command)


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