Basic Math Calculations Worksheets With Answer Key - Major Horum Carits College Of Nursing


It is highly suggested you complete this packet to assist you
in being successful with the basic math competency test.
You will be allowed to use a BASIC calculator for all math calculations.
Included in this review:
1. Basic Math
a. Addition
b. Subtraction
c. Multiplication
d. Division
2. Metric conversion
3. Decimals
a. Addition
b. Subtraction
c. Multiplication
d. Division
4. Rounding answers to the whole number, tenth, or
5. Ratio and Proportion
6. Roman Numerals with Arabic Equivalent
RULES for ZERO (0)
To avoid overlooking the decimal point
 When the decimal is NOT preceded by a whole number ALWAYS place a
zero (0) to the left of the decimal.
 Express as 0.12 NOT .12
NEVER follow a whole number by a decimal point
 Express as 3 NOT 3.0


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