Navigation 1 Practice Exam 1 With Answers


Navigation 1
Practice Exam 1
Answer Key
Name: _______________________
Section: __________
Part A – Multiple Choice (2 points each)
The direction in which a vessel should be steered between two points is the ___.
a. course
b. heading
c. bearing
d. course over the ground
A position that is obtained by using two or more intersecting lines of position taken at
nearly the same time is a (n) ____.
a. fix
b. running fix
c. estimated position
d. dead-reckoning position
The path that a vessel is expected to follow, represented on a chart by a line drawn from
the point of departure to the point of arrival, is the ____.
a. DR plot
b. track line
c. heading
d. estimated course
4. A dead reckoning (DR) plot ____.
a. ignores the effect of surface currents
b. is most useful when in sight of land
c. must be plotted using magnetic courses
d. may be started at an assumed position
A chart position enclosed by a square is a (n) ____.
a. fix
b. estimated position
c. dead reckoning position
d. running fix
The shortest distance between any two points on earth defines a ____.
a. small circle
b. great circle
c. rhumb line
d. hyperbola
On a nautical chart, the inner ring of a compass rose indicates ____.
a. true directions
b. compass error
c. deviation
d. magnetic directions


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