Missing Assignment Accountability Form


Assignment Accountability Form
Name _______________________________________________________________Date___________________
Missing Assignment _______________________________________________________________________
I am filling out this form today because:
o I chose not to complete the assignment
o I forgot to do my assignment
o I finished the assignment at home, but forgot it
o I didn’t finish my assignment
o I didn’t know how to do the assignment, and would like a conference for
extra help
o Other _____________________________________________________________________
I understand that my grade for this assignment is currently a zero…
o I would like an alternate assignment that I will complete and hand in for full
credit. I understand it is my responsibility to get the assignment, complete it
and return it to the bin prior to the due date written on the top. I know it will
not be accepted after that date.
o I would like to complete and return my assignment on the next class day for
full credit. I understand if I do not return it the next day, it will not be
o I am requesting more time and a conference. I understand once I conference
with Ms. Hawk I will be given a due date and will turn in the assignment by
that date for full credit.
o I do not want to make up the assignment. I will keep my zero.


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