Baby'S Birth Day Wishes


UNC Women’s Hospital
Baby’s Birth Day Wishes
Turn over for “Guide to Complete Your Birth Day Wishes”
Birth Day wishes for ____________________________________________________________
My primary caregiver is _____________________________ My due date is ________________
I expect my support people will be____________________,____________________,_________________
(You may have up to 3 people)
Tell us how you are feeling about your upcoming birth. What should we know about your past childbirth
experiences? Do you have any desires, fears, or concerns you would like to share?
§ How do you plan to deal with your contraction during labor and birth?
§ What will help your labor go the way you wish?
§ What will help your baby’s birth go the way you wish?
§ What can we do to help you and your baby during your first days as a new mom?


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