Patient Care Systems Medication Management System Review

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Patient Care Systems: Medication Management System Review
Name of Hospital: ______________________________________________________________________________
Date: _____________________________
Hospital Contact: __________________________________________
This review is not a test. It is designed to help you uncover areas in your medication management system that could create
liability risks. The effectiveness of the review depends on how candid you are.
Make sure .you have the correct policies and procedures in place. Use the Policies and Procedures list below as a starting
point. You may have others.
Conduct a chart review of patients that are receiving medications that frequently cause problems. There are examples
under Chart Review below.
Review the minutes of your medication management committees or process—look for issues that have not been resolved
through direction, education, or process changes.
Conduct a tour of the areas that prepare, store, and administer medications. Watch to see if the procedures are being
Medication Errors: Definitions and Reporting
Double Check of Orders (Calculated Orders for High-Risk/High-Alert)
Drug History
Patient Education
Formulary Additions and Deletions
Sample Drugs
Medication Storage
Sound-Alike/Look-Alike Medications
Concentrated Medications and Electrolytes
Verbal Orders
Error-Prone Abbreviations
Medication Reconciliation Process Across the Continuum
Medication Order Review
Off-Label or Uncommon Use of Medications
Patient Medications from Home
High-Risk Medications


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