The Crucible Argumentative Essay


The Crucible Argumentative Essay
Goody Bondi
ELA 5-6
Write a four paragraph essay including an introduction paragraph, two argumentation paragraphs, and a conclusion.
Argumentative Topics for The Crucible (choose ONE of the following):
Prompt 1: Power Dynamics: One of the important motifs worth examining in The Crucible is that of power: who has it,
how he/she got it, how he/she uses it, and for what ends. Select two characters and examine the ways in which they
exercise their authority. Defend your position (1 character per body paragraph).
Prompt 2: John Proctor: sinner or Christ-like? Make an argument for or against John Proctor’s character. Is he a man
of integrity or is he beyond redemption? Defend your position (1 reason per body paragraph).
Prompt 3: Courageous: Select two characters from The Crucible and develop an argument for how they displayed
courage in the face of adversity. Defend your position (1 character per body paragraph).
Prompt 4: Egocentrism and justice: What issues in contemporary society reveal how self-seeking individuals may
become blind to justice? Select two characters from The Crucible and develop an argument for how their egocentrism
blinded their sense of justice (1 character per body paragraph).
Introduction paragraph (follow triangle diagram – hook, narrow, thesis). Remember, your thesis statement is
your LAST sentence in your introductory paragraph and includes author, title, and your opinion/claim (what
you are arguing).
Two body paragraphs – begin each body paragraph with a topic sentence regarding your claim (what you are
arguing), support your claim by providing specific textual evidence/quotations – remember to use parenthetical
documentation, and end with a concluding sentence regarding the claim (give the paragraph a “finished feeling.”
Conclusion paragraph (follow triangle diagram – reiterate thesis and end on a powerful note).
MLA format (header, heading, title, and correct parenthetical documentation for quotations).
Typed, double-spaced, 12-point easy to read font (i.e. Times New Roman), and 1” margins.
Use italics when referring to The Crucible.
Point of View:
Please remember to use third person point of view (NO first person: I, me, my, mine, us, our, we OR second
person: you, your). Remember how we fix sentences like: “I think John Proctor is a tragic hero.”
Essay is worth 75 points (writing category); see posted Argumentative Essay Writing Rubric (note: for this essay,
you are not including an opposing claim).
Due to ____________________________ by 7:40 AM (see posted codes to access assignment).


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