Student Worker Application For On Campus Employment


Student Worker Application for On-Campus Employment
At the beginning of each semester, on-campus student worker jobs become available. An on-campus job carries
with it the same responsibility for punctuality and conscientiousness as one off campus. The College reserves the
right to limit the hours a student may work on campus.
Step 1 – Submit your Application and Résumé to Career Development Center (CDC)
Students interested in applying for Concordia College student worker positions must submit the following to the
Career Development Center, 1
floor Sieker Hall or via email
Student Worker Application
for On-Campus Employment – available in Career Development Center (CDC)
or on the CDC website, under On-Campus Employment
A copy of your current résumé
Your Student Worker Application for On-Campus Employment and Résumé will be posted on the “S” drive
in the CDC folder for on-campus hiring managers to review.
Step 2 – Apply for On-Campus jobs via CAREERLink
All on-campus jobs will be posted on CAREERLink, the College's on-line career and internship services
Please log in using your CCNY email, which is also your User Name.
All current Concordia Students have a profile in CAREERLink. If you forgot your password, or have not
yet activated your profile, click on "Forgot my Password", enter your username and click "go”. A
password will be sent to your CCNY email.
Upload your application & resume in the Documents section of CAREERLink
On-Campus Jobs are listed under Jobs - Student Employment. Please review the positions and note the
application instructions: Hiring managers will either:
Accept   s tudent   a pplications     &   r esumes   v ia   C AREERLink   o r    
Will   r eview   t he   s tudent   a pplications   a nd   r esumes   o n   t he   S   d rive   a nd   w ill   f ollow-­‐up   w ith   s elected   s tudents   d irectly.
If you need assistance with updating or accessing your CAREERLink profile please stop by CDC.
Step 3 – Getting Hired
On-Campus hiring managers will contact students directly for an interview.
Once hired the hiring manager will give the student the Student Worker Authorization for On-Campus
Employment form; Part A is completed by the hiring manager and Part B by the student.
Students must have the Authorization form signed by CDC and the Financial Aid Office prior to submitting
it to the Business Office. CDC will provide students with a Guide outfling the necessary paperwork to
complete the hiring process.
Students may not begin working on-campus until the required Authorization form and hiring paperwork is
submitted and approved by the Business Office.
Rehired students must have their Student Worker Employment Evaluation from the previous academic year
on file in CDC.
Rehired students must submit an updated
Student Worker Application for On-Campus Employment
résumé at the beginning of the academic year.
Step 4 – Once You are Hired
All student workers must work hours as authorized by the hiring manager.
Once your hiring paperwork is completed & submitted to the Business Office you can be entered into the
Paycheck Time & Attendance System. Please see Career Development Director for this.
It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that he or she he does not exceed twenty hours in a work week,
TOTAL -which begins Monday and ends Sunday.
Students must factor the hours equivalency for any stipend position into the twenty hours of work
allowable in a work week.
All new hire paperwork must be completed within three (3) business days of employment/start date as required by the
U. S. Department of Homeland Security; W-4 form must be completed each academic year. These documents are part
of the new hire packet given to new hires in the Business Office.


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