Transportation Compliance And Ct Dmv Commercial Motor Vehicle


If you operate a commercial motor vehicle
Compliance and
in the state of Connecticut this program is
for you. Whether you operate one truck or
CT DMV Commercial
a fleet of trucks, intrastate or interstate, you
will find valuable information in this pro-
Motor Vehicle Safety
Experts from the transportation field
will present on CDL compliance, Feder-
Truck Safety
al and state motor carrier regulations,
how to build a strong compliance pro-
gram, record keeping, commercial auto
insurance and distracted driving and ac-
cident review.
Saturday March 16th, 2013
An inspector from the CT DMV
Commercial Vehicle Safety Division
Jordan’s Sawmill
will be on hand to spend a couple of
hours reviewing key aspects of truck
Sterling, CT
safety including what to expect during a
level 1 inspection and common compli-
ance issues including tie-down rules for
Sponsored by:
moving heavy equipment. A tractor,
trailer and equipment will be available
for hands-on education.
Time will be allocated
during each presenta-
tion for questions and
2 CEU’s for CT Certified Forest


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