Background Check Form - Childrens Advocacy Center Of Hidalgo


Texas Dept of Family
Form 1601
and Protective Services
May. 2012
The purpose of this form is to grant authorized representatives of Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) programs
permission to request a Central Registry of Child Abuse and Neglect check from the Texas Department of Family and
Protective Services (DFPS) as well as a criminal history check from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) on
the behalf of potential and current CAC volunteers, employees and board members.
Central Registry check
As required by the Texas Family Code 261.002, DFPS maintains a central registry of reported cases of child abuse
and neglect. The DFPS Central Registry consists only of information gathered during Child Protective Services,
Child Care Licensing, and Adult Protective Services facility investigations of child abuse and neglect: 1) in open
cases where the person has a role of alleged perpetrator, and 2) in cases which were given a disposition of "reason to
believe", and the person had a role of designated perpetrator or sustained perpetrator (Please Note: Cases involving
adult victims are not included in the DFPS Central Registry.).
Criminal History check
The criminal history check from DPS will include all Texas based arrests and dispositions, including both convictions
and cases with unknown dispositions. In some cases the search will produce juvenile criminal history results.
Unknown disposition information found may not be the most up to date information available. If the results returned
from DPS include an unknown disposition contact the court of jurisdiction and request an official certified copy of the
disposition. The official certified copy and an Error Resolution Form
(Error Resolution
Form) should be sent to DPS
at P.O. Box 4143, Austin, TX 78765.
If you dispute the criminal history returned from DPS you will need to request a personal request of review by DPS
and submit fingerprints. To schedule a fingerprint appointment you will need to contact MorphoTrust enrollment
services (L-1 Enrollment) at (888) 467-2080. You will need to take the TXIREVIEW FAST Pass (TXIREVIEW
FAST Pass) with you on the date of your scheduled fingerprint appointment.
If you have any issues with scheduling a fingerprint appointment, please contact CBCU at (800) 645-7549.
A signed copy of this form will be submitted to DFPS on your behalf. Providing false information on the form or any
updated information requested for future submissions to DFPS is a violation of Texas Penal Code Section 37.10. The
information on this form will be used to conduct the DFPS Central Registry and criminal history checks.
As the subject of the request, you have the right to review the results of this check. If Central Registry history is found
that identifies you as a person who has been found to have abused or neglected a child, DFPS will only send the
results directly to you via mail or e-mail. You have the option to share these findings with the CAC representative
who submitted the request on your behalf. If you want to continue to be considered as a potential volunteer, employee,
or board member with CAC you will be required to disclose the findings.
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