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WARNING: Making a false statement or claim against the U.S. Government is punishable by courts-martial.
The penalty for willfully making a false claim or a false statement in connection with claims is a maximum
fine of $10,000 or imprisonment for five years, or both.
AUTHORITY: Title 5, 37 U.S. Code, Section 405, and EO 9397, November 1943 (SSN).
PRINCIPAL PURPOSE(S): To determine eligibility for and authorize payment of selected one-time costs associated with
occupying privately leased/owned housing.
ROUTINE USE(S): In addition to being used by officials and in determining payment eligibility, the information provided
herein may be provided to law enforcement personnel investigating those suspected of fraudulently obtaining payments,
and to other Federal agencies, members of Congress, State and Local government, and U.S. and State courts.
DISCLOSURE: Voluntary; however, failure to provide the SSN may preclude timely consideration of your request for
payment determination.
There are three MIHA categories:
Entitlement claims for the Move-In Housing Allowance
(MIHA) are covered by two forms. This form covers
MIHA/Rent (covered by Part B). These are typically
qualifying rent- and security-related expenses (Parts B
one-time, non-refundable charges levied by the
and C) and should be completed only if the member
landlord/agent or a foreign government which the
incurs such expenses. Miscellaneous expenses are
member must pay before or upon occupying the unit.
covered by the DD Form 2367, "Individual Overseas
Examples are real estate agent's fees, redecoration fees,
and one-time lease taxes. Refundable security deposits
Housing Allowance (OHA) Report" (Part C). To qualify
and advance rental payments cannot be reported.
for MIHA, a member must be eligible for the Overseas
Recurring costs are also excluded.
Housing Allowance (OHA). Additional rules and
detailed instructions for completing this form and DD
MIHA/Security (covered by Part C). This part may be
Form 2367, Part C, are contained in Appendix N, Joint
completed only by members assigned to areas where
Federal Travel Regulations (JFTR), Volume I. To
dwellings must be modified to minimize exposure to
terrorist threat. Qualifying areas are listed in Appendix N
qualify for full or partial reimbursement for Part B or C
of the JFTR. Examples of permissible items are security
expenses, receipts/documents showing actual costs
doors, bars, locks, lights, and alarm systems.
must be provided. If expense reported in Part B or C is
Expenditures which are not related to the physical
incurred in foreign currency, convert to dollars using
dwelling, such as for personal security guards or dogs,
the rate member actually converted dollars to foreign
are not permitted.
currency. If the member is a "sharer" under the OHA
MIHA/Miscellaneous (covered by Part C, DD Form
program, only one sharer can claim an individual Part B
2367). This category reflects average expenditures
or C expense. Members may submit more than one
made by members to make their dwellings habitable.
form while assigned to a duty location (e.g., to claim
This lump-sum payment (receipts not required)
rent-related expenses (Part B), then again to claim
recognizes that items such as sinks, toilets, light
security expenses (Part C)).
fixtures, kitchen cabinets, door/window locks, and a
refrigerator and stove are sometimes not provided in
overseas dwellings. The amount payable is prescribed in
The Move-In Housing Allowance (MIHA) covers only
Appendix K of the JFTR. Only one payment is
reasonable costs. Accordingly, the Services place a
authorized at a duty station unless special provisions
significant responsibility on the approving official to
contained in Appendix N apply.
exclude extraordinary, unjustifiable expenses.
DD FORM 2556 (BACK), MAY 1999


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