Roommate Contract Form


This contract is an explanation of duties and responsibilities roommates agree to owe each other.
It does not affect the duties and responsibilities the roommates owe the landlord either by a
separate agreement or by law. Before using this contract it would be wise to consult with a
landlord/tenant counselor concerning the possible effect of the rent control laws in your area.
1. Roommates are co-tenants under this agreement.
The roommates on this contract are:
2. The following roommates have been • named in and signed the rental agreement
with the landlord:
The following roommates have not been • named in or signed the rental agreement with
the landlord, but agree to comply with all the terms of the rental agreement:
3. Property
The roommates hereby agree to share equally, or in specified proportions the property
known as: ____________________________________________________________
And the following furniture and appliances on said property:
4. Term
This agreement • is • is not subject to termination at any time given 30 days • written
or • oral notice in advance. However, a roommate may leave and be free of further
financial obligation if a substitute roommate is found and accepted in writing by all
parties, including the landlord. The departing roommate(s) and the remaining
roommate(s) will act in good faith towards achieving landlord consent if needed. It is
understood that the departing roommate may be obligated to make separate
arrangements per the landlord/tenant contract. The departing roommate agrees to pay
his/her share of rent until a substitute roommate is found and accepted. Nevertheless, all
roommates understand that if no new roommate is found and the departing roommate
fails to pay his/her share of the rent, then the remaining tenants are obligated to make
up the departing roommate’s share of the rent to the landlord and must seek recovery
from the departing roommate in a separate action.
5. Rent
The monthly rental for said property shall be $ ________________, due and payable by
check on the ____________________day of each month. Each roommate to pay the
following amount(s) and shall be paid to _____________________________________.


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