12-Month Auto-Renewal Terms & Conditions Template


This Loyalty Program is a year round experience for Dallas Mavericks Season Ticket Holders who want
to spread out their payments and enjoy loyalty pricing along with ease and convenience.
• First Installment Payment: The first installment payment for your renewal plan is due by March 15th, 2016. Once the initial installment
payment has been received, you are locked in for next season.
• Payment Method: A valid credit card or bank routing number must be on file for each respective account.
• Following Payments: After the first installment payment has been made, the proceeding 11 equal monthly installment payments will
be processed starting April 15th, 2016. Payments after that will be processed on either the 15th or first business day thereafter of each
succeeding month. Each payment is equal to 1/12 of your overall renewal payment.
• Credits: Any proceeds derived from the resale of tickets through or other adjustments to the account will be applied to the
proceeding monthly installment payment(s).
• Pricing: The 12-Month Auto-Renewal Plan locks you in at our Loyalty Season Ticket Holder Pricing for each prospective season and will
automatically keep you renewed. By joining the plan you receive the Loyalty Season Ticket Holder discount on your season tickets.
• Statements: In February of each respective year, you will be mailed a statement indicating the season ticket price for the upcoming season
with the option to opt-out for playoffs for the current respective season or the upcoming season’s renewal. Monthly installment payments
will be adjusted in March of each respective year to account for the upcoming season’s pricing.
• Early Renewal Benefits: You will continue to receive any early renewal benefits consistent with that offered to our overall customer base
in each respective season. To receive these benefits you will need to meet the standard criteria of each season.
• Opting-Out: With written notice, you may elect to opt-out of the 12-Month Auto-Renewal Program between February 15th and March 15th
of each respective season. If you do not opt-out in this time frame, you will be charged for the upcoming season accordingly.
• Playoffs: When applicable, full season and half season customers on the 12-Month Auto-Renewal Plan will receive playoff tickets for each
respective season. Playoff payments will be charged at the conclusion of each round of the playoffs for all games played at home in that
respective round. If you do not want playoff tickets for a respective season, you will have an opt-out option from February 15th through March
15th of each respective year. Half season customers will receive playoff tickets consistent with normal playoff policies (8 potential games).
Mini plan customers will be charged in advance for round one playoff tickets in March of each respective season, unless you chose to opt-
out for the playoffs. For rounds two through four you will be charged at the conclusion of each round (total of 8 potential games).
• Relocation Event: You will still receive an invitation to the Mavs Annual Relocation Event and should you choose to relocate, upgrade, or
add any additional seats, your proceeding installment payments will be adjusted to reflect such changes for the rest of that season.
• Late Payments: If you become more than 30 days delinquent on a payment charged to your account, the Dallas Mavericks reserve the right
to remove you from the 12-Month Auto-Renewal Plan and the full outstanding balance of your season tickets, parking and any other unpaid
events will be due within 15 days of written notice.
• Behavior: Your season tickets are a revocable license granted to you by the Dallas Mavericks for the use of a designated seat(s) in the
American Airlines Center for all purchased home games. The Dallas Mavericks reserve the right to revoke this license at any time, for any
reason, and to refund for un-played games accordingly if you don’t follow the fan and ticket guidelines. If your tickets are revoked, you will
not be required to pay for the continuation of the season.
• Acceptance of Terms & Conditions: By signing below, you’re indicating that you understand the above terms and conditions and agree to
participate in the 12-Month Auto-Renewal Program.
Name on Account: _______________________________________________________________
Account Number: ________________________________________________________________
Name of Principal Acting on Behalf of Account: ____________________________________________
Signature: _____________________________________ Date: ___________________________
For questions regarding your account, please contact your Ticket Sales Representative directly or call 214-747-MAVS.
This form can be faxed to 214-658-7137 or mailed to Dallas Mavericks at 2909 Taylor Street, Dallas, TX 75226.


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