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(c) Was there a written fee agreement?
Yes _____
No _____
If No, what is your connection to the lawyer? _____________________________
4. Did you find this lawyer through the Chicago Bar Association Lawyer Referral
No ____
5. If your complaint relates to a case that has been filed in court, please give the following:
Name of court (for example: Circuit Court of Cook County):
Name of case: _________________________________________________________
Case number: _________________________________________________________
Type of case: _________________________________________________________
Outcome of case: ______________________________________________________
6. Have you also filed a Request for Investigation with the Attorney Registration and
Disciplinary Commission (ARDC)?
No ______
If yes, has the ARDC completed its investigation? Yes_____
No ______
Were you referred to the Chicago Bar Association Committee on Professional Fees
by the ARDC?
No ______
7. Please attach a written narrative describing the fee dispute you have with this attorney.
Include a detailed account of all interactions you have had with this attorney and any
important dates as well as any names, addresses and telephone numbers of witnesses
and other people involved. Do not include opinions or arguments.
8. Please attach copies of relevant documents, including, but not limited to, fee
agreements, bills, receipts, copies of checks, court documents, ARDC results, and
written communications between yourself and the attorney.
9. Amount Paid to lawyer: __________________
10. Amount you want refunded to you: __________________
Date: ____________________ Signature: ___________________________________________


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