Model Contract For Provision Of Services (Self-Employment)


Model Contract for Provision of Services
(Self Employment)
AGREEMENT FOR SERVICES IN RELATION TO___________________________________
THIS AGREEMENT is made the day of____________________________________
1. Of
(‘The company’)
2. Of
(‘The sub-contractor’)
1.1 The company hereby engages the sub-Contractor for a period of 12 months to provide the
service of
The period should preferably be linked to the completion of a task but if a time-based
engagement is unavoidable the period should not exceed 12 months. Ideally the services
should refer to a task and not a role.
(‘‘The services’’), in accordance with the terms and conditions hereinafter appearing.
1.2 This appointment is mutually non-exclusive and the Sub-Contractor shall be entitled, at his
own expense, to substitute or to employ some other worker, having the requisite skills and who
is acceptable to The Company, to perform the services. The Sub-Contractor shall in any event
always provide such a substitute where the provision of the services is unduly delayed by
absence due to incapacity, or for any other reason upon notification by a duly authorised
representative of The Company that the delay occasioned is unacceptable.
It is important the Sub-Contractor is free to choose whether or not to undertake the services
personally. The ability to supply a substitute worker is vital to maintaining self-employed status.
It matters not whether the Sub-Contractor actually exercises this right providing it is real
1.3 It is understood and agreed that Sub-Contractor’s activities and those of his substitutes or
employees are at all times under Sub-Contractor’s exclusive direction and control.
1.4 Sub-Contractor is responsible for the quality of the work undertaken and shall ensure that
the services are performed with all reasonable care and without limitation is wholly responsible
for ensuring that anyone authorised by him to perform all or any part of the services shall also
do so competently and with reasonable care.
1.5 Sub-Contractors shall be responsible for organising how and in what order the work is done,
and shall liase with The Company’s on-site representative to ensure that due account is taken of


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