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☐Completed petition
☐Reason for request should be a concise statement as to why you are
requesting a leave
☐For medical leaves: statement from medical professional including
timeframe for leave
☐For military leaves: a copy of your military orders indicating duration
of service
☐For personal leaves: statement of personal circumstances requiring
☐For planned educational leaves: major department faculty advisor or
department chair approval on petition
1. Submit completed form with verification to the Office of the University
Registrar, Lassen 2000.
2. Notification of the leave of absence decision will be emailed to you for
your records within approximately two weeks.
3. Students who do not return to Sacramento State at the conclusion of
their planned leaves or those who are absent beyond the time limit
are required to reapply for admission to the University.
4. As long as you are returning the semester indicated on your petition,
you will automatically receive a registration appointment for that
semester. Log in to your Student Center to find out your registration
appointment by the end of April for Fall registration and by the end of
November for Spring registration.
5. For general questions regarding leaves, please contact the Registrar’s
Office at (916) 278-8088.


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