Book Report Menu Template


Book Report Menu
Name: ________________________________
Due on: ________________________
Rules and Guidelines:
•Students may only do each project on the menu once throughout the school year .
•Story Elements must include: characters, setting, plot, problem/objective, and solution.
Book Author
Extra! Extra!
Create an advertisement or
Make a picture book that
Using a non-fiction book, write
a newspaper page with
commercial for your book
focuses on the sequence
multiple articles about the
that highlights the story
of events in your book.
story. Be sure to include at
Must have six pages.
least 3 articles and 3 pictures.
Movie Poster
Dear Diary
Create a mobile that
Turn your book into a movie
Put yourself in the shoes
features the story
and create a movie poster
of the main character in
to advertise the book.
your story. Write a diary for
Include a rating, setting,
six days that summarizes
characters, plot and
the story.
Comic Strip
Time for a Change
Write a poem or song that
Write and illustrate a comic
Select a chapter from your
retells your book. Include all
strip that sequences the
book to rewrite. When doing
the story elements.
six main events in the story.
this, change one of the key
story elements in the story.
Setting the Scene
Game Board
Using a shoe box, create a
Create a PowerPoint
Create a game board with
directions that highlights the
diorama for the setting and
presentation that includes
main problem and solution in the
characters in the book.
the story elements and
story. Include the characters,
graphics that relate to your
settings, and key events from
the story on the game board.
What Am I?
Free Choice
Using a non-fiction story,
Piece together the
If you have a great idea of a
make a life-size model of the
sequence of the story.
book report you’d like to do,
subject in your story. Write
Retell the story using both
submit the free choice form
at least 10 interesting facts
illustrations and
to your teacher .
to describe the subject.


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