Skip Counting


Skip Counting
Skip counting is a basic skill that young children can master. Counting by 10’s is essential for an
understanding of place value. Counting by 5’s is a strategy that is often used to
read time on analog clocks
as well
as to
count coin
values. However, skip counting can be something of an abstract concept to teach. This is why I
highly encourage the use of a visual support in the form of a hundreds chart.
You can use the chart to explain to your child that counting by 10’s means counting only the numbers that
end in zero. Let your student, color, circle or highlight the numbers used to count by 10’s. Doing this let’s your child
see the number pattern that emerges as well as provides a handy visual support to use anytime he needs to count
by 10’s. Don’t worry. Your child won’t need this visual support forever. But while he is learning it can really make a
positive difference.
Use the same strategy for counting by 5’s but add that skip counting by 5’s means counting only the
numbers that end in 5 and 0. Again, use a 100’s chart as a visual support.


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