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(Office Use Only)
Please mail immediately
Personal Reference
Oakcrest Committee
Received: ______________
c/o Glenys Clark
10793 Martingale Dr.
South Jordan, UT 84095
Applicant Notified: ______
(801) 446-5622
This portion is to be filled out by the applicant
NAME OF APPLICANT: __________________________________________ PHONE: _______________
POSTION APPLYING FOR: ________________________________________________________________
I am applying for a position at Oakcrest LDS Girls Camp. I would appreciate you filling out the form below,
understanding it will become property of Oakcrest Camp. Please do not send it back to me, mail it to the above
address. If this is mailed back to me, my application will be disqualified. I have also given them my permission to
contact you if necessary. Please note deadline dates at bottom. Thank you!
This portion is to be filled out by the Reference (please fill out completely)
Name: ____________________________________
Relationship with Applicant: ____________
Address: _________________________________
Phone: (
Dear Referral:
We appreciate you taking the time to fill out this reference letter. It is very helpful in considering this
applicant for employment. Your personal comments and honesty are very important. Please be specific. Any
given information will not be shared with the applicant.
Being a staff member at Oakcrest carries with it a great deal of pressure, responsibility and dedication.
They are required to work long hours; get along with other staff members; be willing to set aside their own
wants and needs for the needs of the young women who attend camp. It is a difficult and tedious 11 weeks.
Please consider this as you write your recommendation.
Oakcrest Camp Women’s Committee
Job Descriptions:
 Director / Assistant Directors are responsible for daily operation and supervision of a staff of
approximately 50.
Head Cook is responsible for meal preparation for 350+ people per meal. She supervises the Kitchen Staff, orders
food, plans balanced menus, distributes job assignments, makes sure meals are on time and that the Kitchen meets
the Board of Health standards. She will be supervising a staff of 10, 16-17 year old Young Women.


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