Chemistry Important Reactions


Class XII
Important Reactions used for Organic Chemistry Conversions
In CBSE board exam, usually word problems (conversions) covering
“Properties and reactions of functional groups” carry a weightage of 5 marks.
So, it is important that this particular type of questions is not left out while
preparing for the exam.
Usually, students are confused about how to solve questions based on
organic conversions.
Here, below given are the conversions in small logical chunks which are easy
to remember.
Broadly you can classify conversions into two types – aliphatic and aromatic.
1. Aliphatic conversions:
a. For stepping up the series:
Stepping up the series means that the product has one carbon more than
that of reactant. For such a kind of conversion, convert the given compound
to an alkyl halide and then to a cyanide and then to the required organic
compound as asked in the question. This way, the product has one carbon
more than the reactant.


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