Sample Cover Letter For Biotech Internship


Aaron Smith
12 Echo Street
Cambridge, MA 55555
September 14, 20xx
Ms. Caroline Burnett
Boston Biotech Company
Somewhere, MA 55555
Dear Ms. Burnett:
As a current graduate student at Brandeis University who is passionate about the discipline of
biotechnology, I am writing to apply for the Research Intern position. I became aware of the
position while exploring job listings at the Brandeis University Career Center. Boston Biotech is
a leader in the advancement of biotechnology research, which is why I am particularly interested
in your company.
My undergraduate degree in biology gave me a strong background in biology, along with
additional skills gained through coursework in genetic engineering, mathematics and statistics. I
am currently working towards my masters in biotechnology, which will allow me to apply those
skills to a position in the biotechnology arena.
Last summer I had the opportunity to work at Pfizer, where I participated in Enzyme Assay
Development. This project involved gene assays, high throughput screening, data analysis, and
the use of automated laboratory equipment.
I have been following Boston Biotech’s development of gene-based medicines with great
interest, and I would be very pleased to intern with a company that is in the forefront of bringing
genomics-derived drugs to clinical trial.
My resume is attached and I look forward to meeting with you to discuss this opportunity.
Please feel free to contact me I can provide any additional information.
Aaron Smith


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