Board Of Directors Evaluation Form


Board of Directors Evaluation Form
Industry _____ Team_______________________ (Please write your name at the bottom of the page)
Instructions: Please rate your team member’s work by responding to each of the following statements. Indicate the extent to which you
agree or disagree that the statement matches the team member’s behavior. Simply mark with an “X” the box that best describe your
level of agreement or disagreement
Neither agree
Strongly Disagree
Agree (4)
nor disagree
Disagree (2)
Agree (5)
The presentation helped me to understand
their strategy and how they changed it
The presentation helped me to understand
what we as a company have learnt and
hence provides a solid springboard to
define the future path of the company
The presentation was professional
The presenters were confident and well
Add up all the points following the
example on the next page
Add the points
and write total here :
Write one sentence that describes your overall evaluation: __________________________________________________________
Note: All ratings are aggregated, individual ratings are confidential, and ratings will not be changed by the instructor.
Your name:______________________


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