Peer Evaluation Form


Peer Evaluation Form
You now have a chance to grade the other members of your group. When assigning grades, remember that
you are not only evaluating their performance during the presentation, but at every phase of its development
(i.e. research, planning, etc.). Please evaluate the other members of your group using the following scale:
1 = lowest score, 5 = highest score
1: very poor; unacceptable performance
2: less than acceptable performance
3: average performance
4: good performance
5: excellent performance
Name 1
Name 2
Name 3
Name 4
Did the individual contribute
his/her fair share?
Did the individual complete all
work in a timely manner?
Did the individual participate
during the presentation?
Did the individual maintain a
positive, respectful attitude?
Would you choose to work with
this individual again, yes, no, or
Feel free to add any additional comments on the back of this sheet, or on a separate sheet of paper.


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