Sample Letter/template For Requesting Employer Support And Financial Sponsorship


Sample Letter/Template for Requesting Employer Support and Financial Sponsorship for Fuqua’s Weekend
MBA Program
Note: This document is pieced together from letters used by students to present a case to their company to secure
support for time off and financial sponsorship to attend their MBA. Not all of the statements apply to each company
nor the desires of each applicant. This letter should only be used as an example, not a definitive model, and
carefully examined for content that may or may not be accurate or relevant to your situation.
I have prepared this letter to discuss pursuing my MBA through Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business. So
that I can continue to work full-time and fulfill my responsibilities at COMPANY, I’ve chosen to attend the
Weekend Executive MBA program. I’ve considered all that this entails and concluded that studying at a highly
regarded MBA program is right at this juncture in my career and will enhance my ability to drive successful results
I am requesting employer support for at least the time required to attend the mandatory class sessions. Support can
be attested to through a company letter that I will provide upon being admitted. I would also like to request financial
support for the cost of tuition and have laid out some points for your consideration. I hope to convey my value
proposition that includes further leadership development and academic training along with a new extended network
that will lead to growth opportunities and synergies for COMPANY. I am confident my participation in Duke’s
Weekend Executive MBA program will lead to increased financial results well beyond the cost of tuition.
I see earning an MBA as a route to helping me grow at COMPANY for many years to come. The tuition is
approximately $XXX,XXX spread over two calendar years and the program completes in only 19 months, which is
a timeline I favor. I am also highly motivated to get as much out of the experience as possible. This includes—with
your help—being very intentional in leverage my learnings at work.
Why should COMPANY sponsor my MBA
COMPANY is experiencing tremendous growth (or rapid decline) and needs Managers who are equipped to
lead in uncertain times.
Cite revenue, stock value, etc. Companies in periods of rapid growth or decline can be vulnerable and require more
strategic know-how and leadership throughout all ranks.
The global economy is changing at a pace we’ve never experienced before.
Duke’s network and global focus provide a context through which to view our rapidly changing business world and
their general management curriculum attracts students from a variety of functions and industries. After visiting
Duke’s campus and sitting in on a class, I was impressed with the professor-facilitated level of discussion, which
convinced me that I would learn ways others have overcome challenges similar to ours.
My performance record, drive and dedication are hopefully seen as indications of my passion and ability to
leverage my newly learned skills at COMPANY.
Throughout my employment, I believe my achievements have demonstrated a high level of intelligence, innovation,
flexibility and leadership. Specifically, COMPANY has seen: (Include evidence of performance and quantifiable
measurements, awards, feedback from clients, employee review, etc. Provide hard data if applicable in the form of
appendixes attached to the letter.)
Developing Managers internally is valuable and attractive to new hires.
A key reason I joined COMPANY is that I was impressed by how you groom your high-potential employees. I
believe a combination of company expertise and the rigor of an MBA program is the perfect formula to develop
internal talent.


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